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Glasgow in Winter

Monday, December 28, 2009

Today we remain in the depths of a harsh winter spell in Glasgow, Scotland. Untreated roads are frozen solid, some of the main roads are blocked due to accidents and the elderly are suffering because of the severe cold which has gone as low as minus 16 centigrade. On the plus side four of Scotland's ski resorts are operational and the unusual weather makes for good photographs and various leisure activities.

This morning the weather prognosis was not good and I forced myself out with the aim of getting a few images showing just how bad things were here. I aimed for Queen's Park which benefits of a high elevation and on reaching the park was pleasantly surprised to witness the sun actually shining an a good part of Glasgow city. With the snow covered Campsie Fells (hills) in the background this vista provided some interesting photo opps the results of which are provided below.

Youngster out with sledge.

Frozen pond. Not much space let for the wildlife!

Glasgow City glistening in the winter sun with snow covered hills in the background.

Another aspect of Glasgow City.

Video clip of Glasgow panorama.



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