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Edfu, Egypt

Saturday, December 05, 2009

This evening, I have dragged my self away from my sick bed to post some images and reflections of my recent visit sites of ancient Egypt.

Focus this evening is Edfu, which is the best preserved temple in the whole of Egypt.

This temple was constructed under Nectanebus II (360 BC) on top of an older temple dating from the time of Tutmose III.

The temple's dimensions are:

  • 137 m long
  • 79 m wide
  • Pylon 36m high.
  • The entrance is guarded by two, black granite statues depicting Horus in form of a falcon (see image no 3 below).
Note Greek influenced columns below.

The great entrance pylon to the temple.

God, Horus in form of a falcon.

This video clip shows exterior wall decorations to the left of the entrance.



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