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Cruise River Nile

Friday, December 04, 2009

This evening, I have compiled a portfolio of images and video clips relating to my recent visit to the River Nile, Egypt.

The Nile is the only river which runs from the south to the north. It has a length of some 6600 km.

People on and close the river at any one time comprise a strange juxtaposition of wealthy (in realtive terms) tourists and local people who may have to survive on five dollars per day. These locals seem to lead a life not dissimilar to the ancient ancestors of up to 5000 years ago. This river and its environs was the catalyst to a huge accumulation of wealth, power and empire building from roughly 3000 BC to a few hundred years BC, not to mention the skills and advanced technology required to build massive temples and pyramids all requiring a complex social structure and hierarchy. To gently cruise down this mammoth waterway in the sunshine and simultaneously connecting with the power and wealth of the pharaoh era is a magical experience.

This image shows a local boatman as sunset.

Old fashioned paddle steamer which is now, apparently, used for high end luxury cruising at about five thousand dollars per person per week. The ship carried the number '1917' which may well have been its date of construction.

Local boatman going about his business.

Harvesting reeds (or papyrus), just like his ancestors.

Sailing boat (Felucca) captain.

A small fleet of Feluccas, mainly for the tourists.

Videos 1,2 and 4 show various aspects of the Nile, including local houses and activities. Video no 3 shows the tour group having a good time on a Felucca trip.

video video video video

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