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Christmas Garden Walk, Scotland

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another cold, foggy day in Glasgow with hints of ice on the ground.

This afternoon, my wife and I participated in garden walk at nearby Greenbank Garden with an underlying Christmas decorations theme.

Greenbank House is a mansion dating from the late 18th century when it was constructed by an entrepreneur engaged in the then lucrative tobacco trade with what are now Southern States of the U.S. For an appreciation of the property see image no 2 below.

Greenbank now belongs to the National Trust, a heritage organisation which uses the property as an administrative base.The gardens are well regarded in horticultural circles and are open to the public throughout the year. There are also plants and bulbs for sale as per image no 1 below.

Here is the tour group at rear of the property.

This is Viburnum, an evergreen which produces white flowers during the winter time.

This an aspect taken at front of Greenbank and shows false windows. In past times there was a tax on windows so this was probably an architectural feature with tax avoidance in mind!

Here is a Highland Cow, forming part of a small herd in a field at the front of Greenbank House.

Here is a local overjoyed with a Christmas wreath.

More information:

  • Greenbank garden is comprised of heavy, clay soil.
  • There is a collection of 500 daffodil varieties at Greenbank. In April there is a Daffodil Day.
  • Herbaceous plants have collapsed with weight of recent precipitation and require tidying up.
  • For manufacture of seasonal wreaths a wide range of local trees and shrubs can be used including Dogwood, Holly, Atlantic Cedar, Grand Fir, Laurel, Hedgehog Holly, Box. Also Sphagnum Moss to retain moisture within the decoration.
An interesting afternoon, albeit not quite what we had envisaged!


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