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Temple Wood Stone Circles, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

Friday, November 06, 2009

This afternoon, I am posting information on the prehistoric, Temple Wood circles which form part of the Kilmartin Glen prehistoric landscape in Argyll, West of Scotland.

This site has a long history dating back to 3500 BC and was in use for about 2000 years. The site comprises two circles of which the northern site (image immediately below this text) was erected first, probably using wood. Like many stone circles it may have had an observatory function.

The second (main) circle to the south (image no 2 and video) was constructed about 3000BC subsequent to which burials in cists were added. In one of the cists was found a pottery beaker with arrowheads and these can viewed at the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life in Glasgow.

Carbon dating indicates that the site was still in use about 1400BC.

Archaeological investigations have revealed considerable, detailed knowledge of this site which is easy to access.



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