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Edradour Distillery, Scotland

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This evening, I am focusing a special and very popular Scottish tourist attraction in the form of Edradour Distillery, near Pitlochry in central Scotland. This is Scotland's smallest legal distillery and is very popular with visitors because (a) excellent quality free tours are provided throughout the year and (b) location is conveniently close to the principal A9 tourist route.

Whenever possible, I always include this distillery in my tour schedules not only because of reasons (a) and (b) above but because of the consistently good feedback form my guests whether they are whisky experts or non-drinkers. Tours are low key and not too technical yet the product is very good and wins prizes at various whisky competitions. To my mind the management has achieved the right blend of atmosphere and ambience which makes for happy visitors.

Edradour is pronounced eedradowr. The distillery was founded in 1825 since when has undergone many ownership changes (including a close affiliation with the Mafia during the U.S. prohibition era). Unlike the majority of Scotland's 90+ distilleries, Edradour is in private hands, part of a small company focused on specialist whiskies from all over the country. Annual production is about 90,000 gallons which is roughly the weekly output of a typical Speyside distillery.

At the distillery shop there is a wide range of whiskies available from all over Scotland. Edradour's own principle product is the 10 yr at 40pct. The standard 10 year old single malt is unpeated and matured in ex-sherry casks. However, a peated malt is now available as well.

Frozen cobweb at shop entrance.

Bar at Edradour. Apart from whisky tasting, coffee and tea is also available

Shop on left, distillery on right, old maltings at top.

Tour guide describing various specialist whiskies

Video no 1 shows the two stills. Video no 2 provides an overview of the complex-on a cold and frosty morning!

video video


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