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Stirling Castle, Scotland

Friday, October 02, 2009

Today, we took a trip up to Stirling Castle from Glasgow.

This is one of Scotland's top tourist attractions which has much to offer the visitor including:

  • Superb views from the high elevation ( in good weather!)
  • The Great Hall with its gold coloured exterior (to indicate wealth and power)
  • Former Royal Palace (currently undergoing restoration).
  • The usual architecture and functions of a medieval castle, on a large scale.
  • Tapestry weaving.
  • A Renaissance inspired Chapel Royal dating from 1594.
  • A military museum, reflecting the long connection with the British Army.
  • Close proximity to two historic battle sites, namely Bannockburn in 1314 and Stirling Bridge in 1297.
This image shows the interior of the Chapel Royal with tapestries which have been woven by hand using old techniques.

Exterior of the Great Hall dating from 1503. The largest such hall ever built in Scotland.
This video shows the exterior of the Royal Palace and the Forework.



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