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Kilmartin Prehistory Tour, Scotland

Friday, October 30, 2009

Today, I provided a tour to the prehistoric site at Kilmartin Glen on the west of Scotland. This is about 2 hours from Glasgow. During course of the day, the weather progressively deteriorated but despite and the associated poor light conditions, we achieved most of our objectives.

En route we called in at Inveraray Castle to take some external pics and avail of some light refreshment. This castle is more of a grand mansion and is home to the Duke of Argyll, Chief of Clan Campbell. It is open to the public during the tourist season. Next we moved on to Kilmartin Glen first stopping to view the prehistoric rock art at Achnabreck. Then up to the Kilmartin Museum for a spot of lunch after which we visited the adjacent church to photograph a fascinating collection of medieval slab graves. We then visited or viewed:

  • Glebe Cairn
  • Nether Largie South Cairn
  • Temple Wood Stone Circles
  • Nether Largie Stones
  • Ballymeanoch Stones
  • Ballymeanoch Kerb Cairn
  • Dunchraigaig Cairn
  • Dunadd Fort

After this tour, undertaken in driving rain, we were utterly soaked to the skin but, nevertheless, considered the day a productive one.

Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle
Nether Largie Standing Stones

Rock Art at Achnabreck

Medieval grave slab at Kilmartin

Medieval grave slabs at Kilmartin Church

Aspect of Temple Wood Stone Circle which dates from about 3500 BC

Dunchraigaig Cairn

Aspect of Dunchraigaig Cairn

Ballymeanoch Stones


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