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Greek Thomson's St Vincent Street Church, Glasgow

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This morning, I am posting information on Alexander Thomson's St. Vincent Street Church which is located at the corner of St. Vincent St and Pitt St., Glasgow.

Thomson ( 1817-1875) was probably the greatest mind in Scottish architecture during the Victorian era.

This St Vincent St Church is the only surviving intact church by the architect. It is raised up on its own man made Acropolis on what is a steeply sloping site.

The Ionic porticoes are purely symbolic while the tall steeple suggest an inspiration from the Indian sub continent.

Internally, Thomson made impressive use of light and space. There are cast-iron columns with extraordinary capitals and windows in which huge sheets of rolled glass are rammed straight into the masonry.The interior suggests classical Greek, Assyrian and Indian influences. Thee are also decorative plant and shellfish motifs which are peculiar to Thomson.

Thomson left an extensive legacy of his work in and around Glasgow. He is buried in Glasgow's Southern Necropolis. In due course I plan to put up a web page dedicated to his buildings.



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