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Colours of Glasgow in the Fall

Friday, October 23, 2009

This morning was dry so I took myself of to Rouken Glen to obtain some autumn scene images.

Rouken Glen is a fascinating place, located on the south of Glasgow. In the past it has been a gentleman's estate, an industrial area and an army camp (WW1). It is now a pleasant and extensive park containing a wide variety of trees, a waterfall, a golf course and formal gardens. Not surprisingly, the park is very popular with dog walkers and southsiders for general exercise. A vet practice was recently established at one of the entrances, no doubt to capitalise on he passing canine footfall!

My vi st proved rewarding as the trees and leaves provided quite a colourful spectacle producing some interesting, seasonal images. It would have been nice to have some sunshine but this is Glasgow in October!

This first image was taken at the local cemetery.

The following images and video are all of Rouken Glen

Artificial pond. This is home to many waterfowl including swans and ducks.

Timing of this video coincided with some canine antics. The dog came right on cue, just as I pressed the button!



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