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Ardoch Roman Fort, Perthshire, Scotland

Monday, October 19, 2009

This evening, I am posting information on one my favourite Roman sites in Scotland, namely Ardoch Fort at Braco, Perthshire.

This site is huge, extending to up to 8.5 acres. During the Roma era it experienced at least three periods of occupation-the Gask period in the late 1st century, then the Antonine period (roughly AD 140-160) and in the early 3rd century.

During the Gask period (AD 70s-80s) Ardoch was garrisoned by cohors 1 Hispanorum equitata. At this time the site was at its peak of 8.5 acres. During the Antonine period Ardoch was refurbished in its role as an outpost for the Antonine Wall but at reduced size of 5.7 acres.

In the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow can be found a tombstone found at Ardoch and dating from the Gask era. This provides an interesting human touch in recording the death of a centurion, Ammonius, of the 1st cohort of Spaniards who died after 27 yrs service, i.e.about age
45 yrs.

The video clip shows the fascinating series of ditches along the eastern side and close to one of the entrance gates. These would have been built by the soldiers themselves who were expert engineers. Not far from the eastern side is the Roman road which is just visible running NNE for about 1 mile.

The scale and extent of this site is rivalled by few comparative sites elsewhere in the Empire and is a 'must' for visitors wishing to connect with the Roman period. Access is easy.



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