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Antonine Wall Tour, Scotland

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today, I collected two guests from Glasgow for an Antonine Wall themed tour.

First stop was the Roman Baths at Bearsden, Glasgow where was located on of the 26 forts along the Antonine Wall. This bathhouse stood in a fortified annexe atached to Bearsden Roman fort which in turn was attached to the rear of the Antonine Wall. The fort and bathhouse date from about AD 142. The bath-house had steam rooms, dry hot and cold rooms plus hot and cold baths. The baths were abandoned about the same time as the Antonine Wall, about AD 160.

Next we moved on to a nearby cemetery wherein can be seen this stretch of the Wall's foundations.

We then drove to Croy and walked about one mile along a well preserved section of the Wall to Barr Hill fort, which was one of the six primary forts on the Wall and covered an area of 3.2 acres.

This is an aspect of the fort remains. See this video clip for a wider perspective.

Next we drove east to Bonnybridge to visit the site of Rough Castle, another fort on the Wall. This image shows the Wall approaching Rough Castle.

This is the Roman equivalent of a minefield. Camouflaged pits contained sharpened stakes.

Defences at Rough Castle

Finally we headed north to visit the Ardoch Roman fort at Braco. This is a massive site which was used at least three time during the Roman occupation including the Antonine era in the 2nd century. This video shows the protective ditches on approach to the east gate.

Another aspect of the earthworks at Ardoch.

Before returning we also visited the fortlet site known as Kames Castle which is not far from Ardoch and appears to date from the 1st century.

Overall, a good day with the weather in our favour.


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