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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Today proved quite successful

Overnight I motored down to Dumfries for an overnight stay in a genuine farmhouse B&B and was well looked after by the farmer and family. Had a short course on farming economics and Galloway Cattle.

Collected my group of six guests form the Dumfries and we then proceeded on tour up to Culzean Castle which sits in a magnificent setting on the Ayrshire coast. This mansion caters for a wide range of interests including architecture, history, gardens, wildlife and much more. One could easily spend a full day here but, unfortunately, our time was restricted.

Next stop was the Govan, and industrial part of Glasgow which houses an ancient religious site on which sits then current Old Govan Church. Inside this building is one one of Scotland's national treasures as manifested in a stunning collection on carved stones dating from the 9th and 10th centuries and which incorporate Viking and Pictish influences from early Christian times. We had the benefit of an excellent local guide who talked us through the history of the stones and the current church building which is of architectural merit in its own right.

Finally, we moved on to Glasgow Cathedral, one of Glasgow's top tourists attractions which dates from the 12th century. This building is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the very few places of worship which escaped the Reformation relatively unscathed. My group had benefit of a private tour guide.

This completed a full day, covering some distance. Last stop was East Calder where the group was deposited at their lodgings for the night prior to return to the U.S.tomorrow.

Detail of carved stone at Govan.

Butterfly at Culzean
View of the Adam designed, Culzean Castle today.


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