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Neil Gow, Dunkeld, Scotland

Sunday, September 06, 2009

This evening, I am posting summary information, with video clip of memorial stone at Dunkeld, on the legendary Scottish fiddler, Neil Gow:

  • Born Strathbraan on March 22nd 1727 and grew up in nearby Inver.
  • Originally destined to be a plaid (tartan) weaver but forsook this trade for a fiddling career and became firmly established by age 20 yrs.
  • At age 18 he played before Bonnie Prince Charlie and briefly joined the Jacobite army but subsequently lost interest and returned home.
  • Gow travelled widely in Scotland and played at grand houses and homes of the wealthy. His patron was the Duke of Atholl.
  • Gow mainly performed solo but at times was accompanied by his brother, Donald on the cello.
  • Gow's repertoire included airs, jigs and laments, many of his own composition. He was best known for his slow airs.
  • Gow married twice and had eight children. four of his sons took up fiddle playing.
Inscription on the memorial shown in the video reads-

" Niel Gow, died March 1st 1807 age 80 yrs. Margaret Wiseman his first wife and Andrew, their son. Margaret Urquhart his second wife. Erected by John and Nathaniel, only sons of Neil Gow and Margaret Wiseman who survive them"

To this day Neil Gow is synonymous with Dunkeld which continues to be a centre for traditional Scottish music and is home to famous names such as Dougie MacLean. The Taybank pub hosts regular, traditional music sessions.



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