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Housesteads Roman Fort (Vercovicium), Hadrian's Wall

Friday, September 25, 2009

This evening I am posting my portfolio of videos following my visit to this iconic site which sits high on a ridge and links with the Wall. This fort covers two hectares and was an addition to Hadrian's Wall. The site was occupied for over 300 years and the complex series of remains reflect that extended time period. On site there is a museum which houses finds from the site and provides interpretation.

The site has many facets including:

  • Commanding Officer's House
  • Headquarters Building
  • Hospital
  • Granaries
  • Various Turrets and Entrance Gates.
  • Barrack Blocks
  • Latrine Block
  • Hypocaust Heating System
  • Views of the Wall which connects with the Fort.
One of the best and popular sites on the Wall. Be prepared for a 8-10 min walk up a track to access. Well worth the exercise!!

video video video video


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