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Govan Old Parish Church, Scotland

Friday, September 04, 2009

This evening, I am posting information on Govan Old Parish Church, near Glasgow.

Indications are that the church is located on an important Christian site dating to the 9th and 10th centuries.and possibly earlier. It is the only part of pre-industrial Govan to survive and contains many interesting gravestones dating from the 17th-19th centuries which record the changing nature of the community and occupations reflecting the transition from agricultural to industrial society.

The present church is possibly the fourth church building on the site. It was designed by Sir R. Rowand Anderson and completed 1884-88 under the ministry of Dr. John Macleod.

Dr. Macleod selected the important collection of stained glass which were made by English craftsmen. The magnificent windows in the main church are attributed to Charles E Kempe.

This church is, perhaps, most famous for its collection of 30 sculptured stones the design of which suggest Norse (Viking) settlement in the area. Yesterday's blog posting covers the important carved stone collection the most prominent of which is the carved stone sarcophagus which may have been intended to hold the bones of St. Constantine.

Past ministers of this church include George F. McLeod (Lord MacLeod of Fuinary) who founded the Iona Community.

Hidden away in an industrial community, this building and its contents are an important part of Scotland's heritage yet, strangely, the facility is not well advertised and consequently often overlooked by visitors to Glasgow.



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