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Corbridge (Coria) Roman Town, Hadrian's Wall

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This afternoon, I am posting images and information on Corbridge, a site on Hadrian's Wall which experienced along period of occupation. A fort was established prior to construction of the Wall in the 80s (AD). The site had both a military and civilian role with the civilian settlement extending to some 12 hectares. Corbridge was important because of its strategic location at the junction of the Stanegate Road (east-west) and Dere Street leading south.

Corbridge offers the following:

  • Museum filled with the rich harvest of excavated sculptures and inscriptions.
  • Granaries
  • Fountain, fed by an aqueduct linked to a great water tank.
  • Military courtyard building.
  • Compounds
  • Remains of a temple and fountains.
  • Ambiance-just wander round and reflect on life at the outer edge of the Roman world



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