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Southern Necropolis Glasgow Scotland

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This evening, I am posting a video clip of Glasgow's Southern Necropolis (City of the Dead).

This is a fascinating site containing the remains of 250,00 people. Due to vandalism there is an an 'eery' quality about the site, especially as dusk falls.

Although located in what is/was a deprived social area (the Gorbals), the burial ground does contain interesting grave stones from a wealthy class comprising merchants, traders, shipbuilders and architects from the time when Glasgow was known as the 'second city of the (British) empire'. There are also memorials to soldiers. ministers of religion, musicians, actors plus artisans and tradesmen.

I operate a separate Glasgow Ancestry blog which contains many records of the deceased from the Southern Necropolis. I am always surprised by the high level of mortality, particularly infant mortality during the 19th C Victorian era with families sometimes losing 4 or more young children.

Glasgow Council has, helpfully, devised a Heritage Trail through the Necropolis which visits the graves of some of the more celebrated deceased persons.



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