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Raby Castle, County Durham, England.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today, I am posting information about Raby Castle, County Durham, England. Raby Castle is one of the largest and most impressive of English medieval castles.
The first castle built on the Raby estate, was constructed during the reign on King Cnut in the early 11th century. The castle stands now, was begun by John 3rd Baron Nevill in the 14th century. The Nevilles owned the castle until the Rising of the North in 1569. Then, the Nevilles lost the castle and a lot of their possessions. Raby Castle has been the home of Lord Banard's family since1626.

The exterior of the castle:
It is really beautiful, the towers are imposing and you can see the Kitchen Tower and Clifford's Tower with original windows.

The interior of the castle:
You can discover the outstanding castle: the Entrance Hall, the Barons'Hall, the Octagon Drawing Room, the Dining room created by William Burn in original design, the kitchen which was built in medieval style,the Blue Bedroom.

You can see also:

  • Paintings like many family portraits.
  • Crafts like porcelain, sculpture and armoury.
  • Furniture and decorative items.

The castle has a wonderful park and garden. In Raby Deer Park, there are the Red deer, Black, and White Fallow deer. And then,you can visit the garden with colourful flowers and special trees.

Well worth to visit.


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