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Orange Order March, Glasgow, Scotland July 4th

Saturday, July 04, 2009

This morning, I went into Glasgow to witness the 'Orangefest' which comprises a march through Glasgow (ending at Kelvingrove) by massed marching bands of the Orange Order in celebration of the victory by the Protestant King William III over the deposed (and Roman Catholic) King James II (England) who was also King James VII of Scotland. This battle took place at the River Boyne in Ireland and resulted in a victory by William over James who had armies comprising 35,000 and 21,ooo men respectively.

The Orange Order is a protestant dominated movement which was founded in Northern Ireland in 1795.

Despite the undertone of sectarianism the parade was carried out in a peaceful and ordered manner in bright sunshine. The colourful banners and uniformed marching bands added an extra dimension.

Below are a selection of still images plus a compilation video clip.

For the video clip click here.


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