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Viking Hogback Grave Marker Luss Scotland

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Today, there is heavy rain in Glasgow which is preventing me from venturing out to obtain some topical images.

I am taking this opportunity to post a video clip of a (very) recent visit to Luss at Loch Lomond where I filmed this ancient, Viking era, 'hogback' grave marker in the burial ground of Mackessog's Church. Close by are a couple of similar (but less grand) hogbacks and the film clip ends with a shot of a tall single stone which has echoes of a stone circle but is probably nothing to do with that, prehistoric, era.

Hogbacks are not uncommon in Scotland. There is a strong Viking influence which harks back to the days of early Christianity. One school of thought suggests that hogbacks are meant to resemble dwelling houses contemporary with the deceased person.

The hogback shown here could be about 1100 years old. However, decoration on the sides is still discernable.

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