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Macmillan Cross Kilmory Knapdale Scotland

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today, I am posting a video clip of the elaborately engraved cross in Kilmory church, a few miles from Castle Sween. Key features:

  • The cross is over twelve feet in height.
  • Carries inscription 'Haec est crux Alexandri Macmillan'.
  • Was carved for Alexander Macmillan and depiction on one side of a Highland chief hunting deer may be Macmillan himself.
  • Claymore on reverse side may belong to Macmillan.
  • Was carved locally and dates from late 15th century.
  • On one side is the crucifixion with Virgin Mary on left and St. John on the right.
  • On other side is hunting scene with a woodman looking on.
A very impressive monument which is in excellent condition.



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