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Dumbarton Scotland

Monday, May 04, 2009

This afternoon, I am posting a video clip taken during my visit to Dumbarton Castle, near Glasgow.

The film was taken from atop Dumbarton Rock and shows a view of the Clyde Estuary (with tide out) and the commencement of football (soccer) match. The latter proved to be an historic event with Dumbarton beating Elgin 6-0 resulting in Dumbarton jumping to top of their league.

Dumbarton translates as 'Fort of the Britons'. From at least the 5th century AD until 1018 Dumbarton was the centre of the British kingdom of Strathclyde which emerged after the collapse of the Roman empire.

The populace of Strathclyde spoke a language akin to modern Welsh.

There are now few remains of the original castle fortifications but there is evidence of the defensive gun battery which the castle later became. There are many cannons dotted around the defences.

On the right day with good weather the views are superb. However, there are many steps to navigate. Enjoy!



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