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John Knox and Glasgow Necropolis Scotland

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This afternoon, I cycled into the centre of Glasgow with prime aim of visiting the Necropolis (City of the Dead). Visibility was mixed with some rain in the air.

Here is an image of Glasgow Cathedral taken from the Necropolis. This building dates from the 13th century but on the site of much older places of worship, possibly dating back to the 6th century.

View from high point of the Necropolis looking south towards the industrial city of Glasgow.

Here is a video clip of the stunning John Knox Monument which is positioned at the highest point of the Necropolis and overlooks the Cathedral. In fact, the monument (designed 1825) pre-dates the Necropolis. The monument is some 70 feet high high and comprises a 58 feet high Doric column surmounted with a 12 foot statue of Knox in his Geneva gown with bible in right hand.

Knox lived 1512-72 and, in fact, had little connection with Glasgow, he was more closely associated with Edinburgh (where he died) and St. Andrews (where he studied) on the east coast of Scotland.

Knox was famous for his role in leading the Protestant Reformation and famously denounced the Catholic, Mary Queen of Scots from the pulpit of St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh.



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