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Dunwan Hill Historic Site Glasgow Scotland

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This evening, I am posting some still images to record my visit Dunwan Hill, a prominent feature which lies in open moorland south of Eaglesham and in turn south of Glasgow.

This is an historic site which was thought to be an iron-age hill fort but latest thinking suggests something less defensive in nature and perhaps a high status homestead of the first millennium AD.

Access to this site is quite an ordeal, via a very boggy landscape-resulting in two very wet feet! However, I was rewarded with stunning views on reaching the 300m summit. At the base of the hill I encountered a rectangular sheepfold with the foundations of ruined farm buildings.

Image taken atop Dunwan Hill looking towards Glasgow with Dunwan reservoir in the foreground.

Two aspects of Dunwan which now sits in the midst of an emerging giant wind farm. An interesting combination of ancient and modern!


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