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Linn Park Glasgow in Winter

Saturday, February 07, 2009

This morning, I visited Linn Park near Clarkston. This park is centred on the White Cart Water, a river which was a source of power for various mills, mines and industrial activity from the 17th through to the 20th centuries. Over the course of some five centuries mills on this stretch of the river have used to produce or power paper, snuff, printing activities, meal, and waulk ( washing and thickening cloth). There are also numerous coal mines and lime pits in the area. What is now an area for pleasant relaxation was up until the 19th century a very active industrial, area employing many hundreds of workers.

The video clips below show the White Cart River at the heart of the old industrial area. Weather conditions were benign relative to the heavy snow and ice experienced elsewhere in Britain.

I plan to return to this area to look more closely at the industrial archaeology.

Interestingly, the word linn derives from (a) Llyn, the Brittonic (Welsh) word for lake or (b) Linne, the Gaelic for pool. I suspect the former in this case as Brittonic was spoken in Glasgow in the past and there exist other, local place names of Brittonic derivation.

video video


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