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Bothwell Castle West of Scotland

Friday, February 27, 2009

This evening, I am posting some images taken during my visit to Bothwell Castle, near Glasgow.

This is a substantial and very impressive sandstone built ruin which sits on a bend in the River Clyde.

The Castle dates back to the 1270s when construction was undertaken by Walter of Moray who based his design on the great chateau of Corcy in France. The castle then experienced a very chequered ownership/control history, viz:

  • Captured by the English 1296.
  • Recaptured by the Scots 1298
  • Re-taken by the English 1301
  • Partly demolished by the Scots 1314.
  • Partly re-built by Edward III 1336
  • Besieged and dismantled 1337 by Sir Andrew de Moray.
  • Restored by the Douglases in 1381
  • Abandoned by 18th century and now in care of Historic Scotland.

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