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Antonine Wall at Bonnybridge Scotland

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This morning I visited a famous Roman site forming part of the Antonine Wall which in turn formed the north-west frontier of the Roman empire from about AD140-160.

The Wall extended from Bridgeness on the Forth estuary (near Edinburgh) to Old Kilpatrick on the River Clyde, a distance of about 40 Roman miles or 37 English miles.

The Wall rampart (10 feet high by 6 ft top-width) was largely built of turf blocks and mainly on a stone base at least 14 ft wide. A rough parallel ditch some 20ft (berm) to the north was generally formed in a V-section (40ft width and 12ft central depth) whilst to the south, some 45 yards inside the rampart ran the Military Way, a road some 17ft wide.)

The two video clips below were taken near to Rough Castle on the Wall.

video video


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