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Whisky Tour Glasgow

Saturday, December 06, 2008

This morning, I went into Glasgow to replenish my portfolio of pub and architecture images.

In Hope Street ( City Centre) I came across the Pot Still which featured on the local TV news a few days ago. This bar actually specializes in scotch whisky. The bar tender informed me there about 200 single malts in stock.

The TV news item mentioned the bar is heavily patronised by visitors from Sweden. Sure enough, the only people in the bar when I visited was a group of seven Swedes with whom I had a chat-and discussed the possibility of a whisky (distillery) tour for them.

To my mind, the name of the bar does not immediately lend itself to its niche product. Maybe the title Exclusive Scotch Whisky Bar would be a better description and more easily understood by locals and visitors alike.

The first two images are of the inside of the bar, showing then extensive range of malts.

This is the entrance to the bar in Hope Street

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