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Tour Queen's Park Farmers Market Glasgow Scotland

Saturday, December 20, 2008

This morning, I took myself off to nearby Queen's Park ( south Glasgow) to visit the pre-Christmas Farmers' Market. These type of markets operate from stalls and tend to specialize in organic and rural produce direct from the producer.

First image evidences the heavy rainfall of yesterday with the local properties reflected in the flooded pathway at Queen's Park.

Here is a stall selling turkeys-birds, not banks or auto manufacturers!

Organic bread

A stall selling olive based products. I am not aware that Scotland possesses many olive groves, but with climate change, maybe one day!

Pork, Lamb and Beef

Seasonal vegetables
General view of stalls

This gentleman is selling blueberry juice and raspberry juice. He is a good salesman-he persuaded me to buy a bottle on the strength of a free sample.

General overview of the market stalls.

Overall, I enjoyed myself and by chance met up with a business acquaintance. The market was well patronised by the local community.


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