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Exclusive Whisky Tour Perthshire Scotland

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This evening, I am presenting some images of yesterday's small group whisky tour centred on Perthshire.

Our first call was Glenturret Distillery near Crieff. This claim to be Scotland's oldest distillery (founded 1775) and is closely associated with the Famous Grouse Brand. Glenturret single malt is a constituent of the Famous Grouse Blend.

Glenturret is reliant of water from nearby Loch Turret. This is a small distillery with only one pair of stills. The whisky is made with lightly peated malt and matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks.

We availed of the Connoisseur tour which included tastings.

Regrettably photography is not allowed inside the Distillery.

External view with whisky casks.

Enjoying some wee drams at the conclusion of the tour.

This bottle of whisky is available for GBP6,000.00 at the Distillery shop. A gift for special friend?!

Another view of the distillery
At midday we went high up in the Ochills to visit Castle Campbell. This sits on a site which has probably been fortified since prehistoric times. Closely associated with Clan Campbell, it was at this site that the Protestant reformer John Knox converted the Campbells to the Reformed faith and thereby influencing the dominance of Protestantism in Scotland.

The castle was embroiled in the conflicts arising from the English civil war and was partly burned by General Monck in 1654.

Overall, a good example of a late 15th century Tower House.

We had benefit of a tour escorted by the resident Steward, Ken.

View of the Tower House

View from the Castle looking east with Dollar in the middle distance.

Hall and Chamber Range viewed form the terrace gardens

After a spot of lunch at nearby Dollar we moved on to Tullibardine Distillery where we enjoyed a malt tasting tour led by expert guide, Gavin.

Here is a pic of the group with Gavin at commencement of the tour.

Here is Gavin explaining the process at the Mash Tun. It here that sugar is extracted from the malted barley using hot water

Yeast plays an important role in the fermentation process.

Here are the stills which produce the alcohol.

Happy group of visitors

This is maturing barrels of whisky. About 2pct p.a. is lost through evaporation and is known as the 'Angels Share'.

Group members enjoyed tastings from the casks.

At conclusion of the tour, Gavin provided further insight into the different type of whiskies.

Overall, a good tour. We all came away better informed on the ancient skill of whisky making.


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