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Tour Norham Castle Scottish Borders

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This evening I am presenting some images of a very impressive ruined castle at Norham which sits on the banks of the River Tweed.

This castle has a very illustrious history and has featured the centre of conflict between England and Scotland.

The castle was originally built by Bishop Ranulph Flambard of Durham in 1121 and has witnessed many sieges and changes of control between England and Scotland. It was re-built and repaired many times from 1157-70 through to 1559 when it was siezed by Queen Elizabeth I but subsequently fell into disrepair. The castle was taken into State ownership (England) in 1923.

This site will appeal to a wide a range of interests, from students of castle architecture to those who just want to admire the massive structure in such a beautiful setting. Entrance is free!


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