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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This evening I am presenting images from my recent visit to the village of Forteviot. Prime purpose of the visit was to attend a talk from archaeologists on work in progress on excavations of this historic site which was the capital ( or centre of power) of Scotland in the mid 9th century. What is now a small and quite village was in past millennia a major population and possibly ritual centre spanning the neolithic to the post medieval. There is evidence to suggest that Forteviot was an ecclesiastical centre in Pictish times and may have been the premier ritual complex in the East of Scotland. The church, which has bell dating from the 10th century, is probably built on the site of a much earlier church.

The current village may be located on the site of a Pictish Palace where Kenneth McAlpine lived and died AD 842/3-AD858.

The archaeologists clearly have a major task over the next 10 years and will use latest technology including crop mark analysis to learn how the village evolved.

Here is a spectacular double rainbow

Evening view from the village
I think this is a Rowan tree.
Plaque in centre of village. This dates from the 1920s and underscores the belief of a connection with Kenneth McApline.

Forteviot Church

Overall, Forteviot is well worth a visit, which should be conducted in conjunction with a visit to nearby Dunning.


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