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Saturday, August 02, 2008

This evening I am presenting some pictures and videos about Glasgow.

We went on a cycle ride today down Glasgow. We went to the market place called Barras, and visited the St Mungo Cathedral, where a wedding was proceeding, then down to the Chapel and the tomb of St Mungo, and to the Blackadder Aisle. We also went to the Necropolis and enjoyed the beautiful views up there. The Necropolis is the place where wealthy characters were burried in the 19th century. We aslo had the opportunity to cycle on the Squinty Bridge and the Millennium Bridge, and we took some pictures of the River Clyde, the BBC Scotland Building, The Science Centre Tower and the Armadillo, which is a conference centre.

The Glaswegian Bar


Barras Market Place

The Glasgow Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

The Tomb of St Mungo

The Blackadder Aisle

Piper with traditional and ceremonial kilt during the wedding

Classic cars for the wedding

The Necropolis

The Squinty Bridge

View from the Squinty Bridge

The Crowne Plaza

The Science Centre Tower and the Millenium Bridge

The Armadillo

The BBC Scotland Building

Views from the Millenium Bridge

The Science Centre


View from the Necropolis

View from the Millenium Bridge


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