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Rough Castle and Antonine Wall Roman Theme Tour

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am uploading today some images of the Rough castle and the Antonine Wall in Perthshire.

In the second century AD, during the reigh of the Roman emperor Antonius Pius, the Romans conquered Scotland and built the Antonine Wall, one of the most massive and important surviving frontier works of the Roman Empire in Scotland. The wall comprised at the time a ditch which fronted it, and some forts and fortlets, which were actually fortified encampments.

About these forts, the most representative one is for sure the Rough Castle. The remains of it are highly visible and very well preserved. You can find the short lenght of military way with quarry pits, designed to surprise ennemies. Excavated in 1902/3, 1920 and 1957-61, this is one of the smallest forts on the Antonine Wall, with ramparts of turf enclosing an internal occupation area.

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