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Roman Tour Ardoch Fort Scotland

Friday, July 18, 2008

Today I am presenting some pictures of an ancient Roman site, The Ardoch Fort.

The Ardoch fort was part of the Gask Ridge system, which was actually a frontier system. So the Gsk Ridge is an early series of fortification built by the Romans in Scotland, between AD70 and AD80.

The fort at Ardoch constitutes the most impressive remains of any Roman site in Scotland. After the abandonment of Inchtuthil it formed part of the Gask "frontier system" until that was abandoned in the late 80s. In the Antonine period the fort was refurbished to serve as an outpost for the Antonine Wall, but had reduced to about 5.7acres (2.3 hectares).

You can find 5 defensive ditches on the north and east sides of Ardoch Fort. They are the result of successive reductions in the size of the fort, as it had an area of some 3.5 hectares, before being reduced in the Antonine period.

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