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Private Roman Day Tour of Perthshire

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today I am presenting some pictures of our day trip to Falkirk and Perthshire with a Roman Scotland theme.

We went today to Falkirk to see the remains of the Rough Castle, ( Bonnybridge) from Roman History. You can see its well preserved ramparts, highlighting the fort, and also some stretches of the Antonine Wall, which was built from AD138 to 1442. The Antonine Wall (now a World Heritage Site) was used as a means of defence. You can also find a series of pits arranged in checkerboard configuration. they once contained sharpened stakes camouflaged with twigs and foliage. these pitfalls called "lilia" were used to stop and surprise the ennemy.

Then we went to Dunning, and met a very helpful local gentleman who drove us to an ancien roman site, in the Kincladie woods. You can find there a Roman Dyke which formed part of the outer boundaries of a temporary Roman Camp . After that, we saw the Dupplin Cross, which was before in Edinburgh and then placed to the care of Historic Scotland in 2002, and has been by ST Serf Church in Dunning since that time. The Dupplin Cross dates from arround AD800.

And also, a quick visit to another ancient roman site, Ardoch Fort, which dates arround AD80 in Braco and saw the Findo Gask Ridge and the Library of Innerpeffray, which well worth the visit.

Rough Castle and Antonine Wall


ST Serf Church and Dupplin Cross

Ardoch Fort

Innerpeffray Chapel and Library

Findo Gask Ridge


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