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Customized Ancestry Tour of Paisley Scotland

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The focus of this tour was personal ancestry for a family group from Canada whose ancestors originated from the Paisley, Nitshill area.

Paisley is a fascinating place, very rich in history and well worth a visit. It is also close to Glasgow's International Airport.

Today, we went to the The Coats Observatory, then to the Museum nearby (we weren't allowed to take pictures) and took some pictures of the Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church. We spent a lot of time in the absolutely beautiful Paisley Abbey and had lunch at The Hurlet, located between Paisley and Barrhead, from where we had a quick overview as well. We crossed a small town called Nitshill and went back to Paisley, to Seedhill Road where we are able to find the ladies ancestor's home (number 19). We then had a great time at the Paisley Thread Mill Museum.

The group

The Abbey

The Coats Observatory

Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church

The White Carte Water


The Abbey

Inside the Abbey

The Hurlet bar/restaurant

The Paisley Thread Mill Museum

Sewing Machine

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