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Tour Seedhill Road Paisley Scotland

Friday, June 06, 2008

This evening I am presenting some images taken during recent research for an ancestry tour.

Seedhill Road, Paisley is on old industrial/residential part of Paisley with a former textile mill (Anchor Mill) which has been converted to a business centre.

This is Seedhill Road with the former mill in the middle distance.

Once aspect of the former mill.
This is 19 Seedhill Road where the ancestor of my client lived at one time in the 1800s.
Seedhill Road and the mill.

Overall, I think its fair to say that Paisley is somewhat jaded and need to reinvent itself to re-capture the glory days of the 1800s boom town when the local textile industry reined supreme. Paisley has a great heritage, particularly the magnificent Abbey which is underrated and does not normally feature on the tourist trail.

On each visit I get a different appreciation of Paisley, with its fascinating industrial history, and may set up a dedicated web page in the future.


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