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Culloden Battlefield Scotland

Monday, June 02, 2008

This evening I am posting a feature on Culloden, near Inverness.

In essence, Culloden was the last battle on British soil.It took place on April 16th 1746 with adversaries being The Jacobites under Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Hanoverians under command of the Duke of Cumberland.

Location of the battle was Drumossie Moor, near Inverness.

The Jacobite army was some 5000 strong and comprised mainly of men form the Highland clans. They were armed with targ (shield), Brown Bess musket and just 10 three pound cannon and broadswords. They possessed no artillery.

The Hanoverians comprised a well disciplined force of about 9000 including about 2500 Scots.This army was equipped with latest technology firelocks which were fitted with bayonets.

After taking heavy punishment from the Hanoverians for about 40 minutes, the Jacobites charged but only a few Jacobites managed to reach the Hanoverian lines.

The battle was over within one hour resulting in some 1200 Jacobite casualties against some 300 on the Government side.

No quarter was given by the Hanoverians with the result that no battle honours were awarded to the Government side.


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