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Tour Glasgow Buchanan Street

Saturday, May 10, 2008

This afternoon I went into Glasgow to do a little shopping. Here are some images of the activity in Buchanan Street, one of the key thoroughfares in the city and largely closed to traffic. The experience proved something like a modern day version of a medieval street scene with throngs of people and all sorts of traders and entertainers-in addition to the regular shops.

Here is a jazz band in full swing.

Here is a trader selling childrens toys.

Eating alfresco, continental (Europe) style.

This is an escapologist about to tie himself up.

Dr Who telephone box. Now a coffee bar.

Street musician

Stress relief-definitely needed here!!

View towards Buchanan Galleries. Standing room only!

View towards Argyle Street. Not a place for solitude!

Rangers Football Club stall. Very popular as there is a big match tomorrow.

Overall, these scenes reflect the popularity of Glasgow as a shopping destination coupled with the vibrancy of the city.


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