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Paisley Tour Renfrewshire Scotland

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This evening I am presenting some images of my visit today to Paisley, near Glasgow.

Paisley was a boom town in the late 1800s and generated wealth on a large-scale textile industry the remains of which are still evident as in street names such as Gauze Street, Cotton Street and Linen Street.

The sun was shining which was good. The downside was that I had only my cellphone camera, so quality of images is not brilliant.

In the foreground of this image is the museum, art galleries and central library. In the background is the Thomas Coats Memorial Church.

Here is an image looking towards Gilmour Street Station

Here is an image of the Town Hall, a magnificent Victoria edifice reflecting the confidence of the era.

Here is the famous Abbey which dates back to 1163. The former priory became an abbey answerable to Rome in 1245. It is possible the William Wallace was educated at the Abbey.

Paisley is a vibrant place with lots of history and well worth a visit


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