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Tour of Gorbals, Glasgow

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This morning I went into the Gorbals area. This is a name long associated with social deprivation although back in the 18th century was an upscale area.

Here is an image of a former tenement block for which the area was notorious. Its all boarded up now but seems structurally sound.

This is an image of a local car repair company operating under a former railway bridge.

Here is an image of a road intersection with pub in foreground and a redundant derelict church in the background. the church is very interesting. It is known as the Caledonian Road Church and was designed by Alexander 'Greek' Thomson 1856-7. The tower is most unusual and may have been inspired by German architecture of the time.

Here are some images of tower blocks, formerly used for social housing, which are being prepared for demolition. There will be controlled explosions during first weekend in June. Should be quite a show!!

See this site for more information on the Gorbals area


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