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Scottish Castle Tour Stirling

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stirling Castle is an excellent example of a Scottish castle and well located for the visitor to Scotland. It is situated on the rock of Stirling (an ancient volcano) and was the key to medieval Scotland. All invading armies had to come to the rock of Stirling to to enter Scotland's hinterlands.

The first record of a castle date from Alexander I who died there in 1124.

Close by were fought two major, decisive battles in which the Scots beat the English:

  • Stirling Bridge in 1297
  • Bannockburn in 1314
The Stewart age brought stability, and money was lavished to tun the castle into a symbol of royal authority:

  • The Great Hall of 1500
  • Gatehouse 1510
  • Royal Palace of King James V 1540
However, the palace was little used by royalty after 1603 but witnessed action in 1651 during a siege by Roundheads and was badly damaged.

Here is a recreation of the Castle kitchens.

Here is the main entrance
Here is the Palace (interior of which is being refurbished)

Another view of the entrance
Palace view


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