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Rouken Glen Tour Glasgow

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This morning there occurred an unusual coincidence of weather for March in Glasgow in that (a) there was bright sunshine and (b) crisp snow after some falls over the previous 24 hours. So, I went off on my bike to nearby Rouken Glen to get some pics.

Firstly Rouken Glen is an unusual name. It is derived from Rokandmyll meaning ‘mill at the end of the rock’. It is a recreational park for southern Glasgow encompassing many acres of parkland, a golf course and boating lake.

Here is an image of a youngster out tobogganing on the golf course. Q Why was he not at school?!

Here are two images taken from the golf course looking north over Glasgow towards the Campsie Fells. Tower blocks in the middle distance.

Here is the waterfall. There is enough energy generated here to power a small hydro scheme!

In the 18th century industry was attracted to Rouken Glen as a function of the water power. Maybe we may have to go back to harness that energy?

Boating lake at Rouken Glen. Picture gives the impression of mid summer but the shores are covered in snow. There are many waterfowl present, i.e.swans, ducks, geese, etc.

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