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James Lawcock Ancestry Tour Glasgow Scotland

Sunday, March 02, 2008

This evening I am presenting an image of a memorial found in Glasgow's Southern Necropolis relating to the Lawcock family.

Lawcock is a very unusual name. It appears to be concentrated in Derbyshire (N. England).

The stone is in poor condition.

It appears to record the passing of Patriarch, James Lawcock who died Jan 18 1855 and his children:

  • Jane who died Feb 5th 1911
  • John who died Jan 28 1857
  • Janet who died July 3 1852
  • Gavin who died Oct 6 1878
  • David who died Oct 26 1894
  • Ann Brown died Sept 20 1898
All the above seem to be very 'Anglo' type first names which may indicate the Lawcocks came from England.

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