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Saturday, March 08, 2008

This afternoon I am presenting images from yesterday's Mackintosh tour of Glasgow.

The images below are of the final site we visited, the famous Mackintosh Church, the only church built to the designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and which now houses the HQ of the Mackintosh Society.

The building was commissioned by the Free Church of St. Matthew, Glasgow. The foundation stone was laid on June 23rd 1898 and the building opened for worship on Sept 10th 1899.

This building was contemporary with Mackintosh's design for the Glasgow School of Art.

Here are some Mackintosh designed chairs in the hall which is accessed from from the rear of the church. There is also a piano in the hall-which one of out tour members payed very well!

Here is a view of the nave taken from the gallery.

View of the East Gallery. Note barrel vaulted roof which is similar to an upturned boat keel. This may have been an important symbol because at the time the church was built Glasgow was the powerhouse of world shipbuilding and there would have existed a pool of skilled craftsmen able to construct such a roof.

View of the south gallery

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