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James Howatt Ancestry Tour

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This evening I am presenting an image of a grave-marker from Glasgow's Southern Necropolis.

For those interested in social history this is a sad record of high infant mortality which was prevalent in Glasgow in the mid 1800s with this family losing four of their six children to an early death.

The memorial records the death of James Howatt on June 22nd 1896, age 86. His occupation is stated as a Measurer. This may be an occupation in the textile industry but I think a more likely modern day equivalent is that of a building or land surveyor (construction industry).

Apart from James, the memorial records the passing of:

  • Wife, Mary Crawford who died on Nov 19th 1881 age 71
  • Daughter, Jane who died on Feb 12th 1839
  • Son, Henry who died April 11th 1850
  • Daughter, Marion who died June 18th 1854
  • Daughter, Margaret Ann who died August 16th 1854
  • Daughter, May who died August 5th 1897
  • Daughter, Elizabeth who died Dec 1st 1916.

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