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Hermitage Tour

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Hermitage is located close to the little town of Dunkeld in Perthshire. For most visitors it is a misnomer, because most pay a visit to Ossian's Hall which is quite spectacular. The Hall is located on the river Braan-80 miles in length, one of the shortest in Scotland..

About 200k visitors p.a.

Was part of Atholl Estates. Design landscape around Dunkeld. Hermitage a “finger” of landscape garden.

Layers of history. Douglas Firs-large grove-tallest grove in UK. Planted 1920 16-180 ft. Trees from NW America. Will last another 300/400 years.

Douglas Firs grow tall to start (struggle for light) then pad out.

Tree on opposite side of pool about 200ft-one of tallest in GB. Possibly a natural seedling.

Salmon can’t get up falls.

Bridge built 1770 to enhance nature.

Cave has cobbled floor-can’t be seen.

Ossian’s Hall-built as Summer House 1758 (afternoon tea).

James McPherson (local tutor) gathered local legends and dedicated same to Ossian =(3rd cent.). Summer House dedicated to Ossian by Duke of Atholl.

Entrance screened from river. Wordsworth-Garden of Eden. Entrance painted to look like door. Walls and ceilings decorated with mirrors. Series of experiences.

In 1860 blown up by local rioters. Mirrors shattered but not replaced. Mirrors stayed until 1920s. Danger of collapse in 1944 when Trust took over. Rebuilt with design by Basil Spence (Architect). Now a viewing platform.

Refurbished in 2007.Has retainedelements of series of experiences. Reinstated doors, skylights and mirrors (polished stainless steel).

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