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Govan Carved Stones Tour

Thursday, February 14, 2008

This morning I am presenting some images of one of Scotland's most iconic sites.

Govan (near Glasgow) has a remarkable heritage of thirty one early Christian carved stones which date from the 9th-11th centuries. They range from a sarcophagus and recumbant cross-slabs to free-standing crosses and cross-slabs together with a group of five hogback monuments. The stones indicate influences from Pictland to the north and Cumbria to the south. The present church dates from the 19th century but it sits on the site of an early Christian church dedicated to St. Constantine which may have been founded by the late 9th century.

The Govan Old Parish Church is effectively a museum housing the famous stones and is well worth a visit.

Hog back with 'roof tiles'. Beasts at each end face each other over the ridge of the hogback.

Interior of Govan Old Parish Church

Two of the carved stones

One side of the 'sun stone' showing a rider on a strange beast.

Sarcophagus which it assumed was created to hold the body of the founder of the early church, possibly St. Constantine.

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